Jordan Lane of Thomson out runs an Washington County opponent on his way to the touchdown.

The Thomson-McDuffie Middle School Bulldogs opened its football season Wednesday,  Aug. 28 against the Golden Hawks of Washington County.

The Bulldogs won the region in 2018 and Coach Dustin Shirey pointed out that his expectations are to repeat again as region champions. “Improve and build on every week’s performance, not only on the field but in the classroom as well,” he said.

The Bulldogs stormed the field firing on all cylinders. Thomson’s offense in the first quarter ran four plays and had four touchdowns while holding Washington County to three offensive plays and two fumbles in their first three series. The final score for the game was 64 to 6, Thomson victory.

Shirley believes his players performed really well, as he expected, but thinks he needs to improve on keeping players composed through a game with high expectations. "Its easy to get complacent and start going through the motions," he mentioned.

When asked who where some of the key players that stood out in the game, he replied, Cervontez Felts (WR/FS), Jordan Lane (RB/OLB), Anthony Jeffery (RB/OLB), Jahkiaus Jones (QB), Jordan Jones (MLB), Storm Hunt (CB) and Eric Crawford (C/OL), but also gave credit to the offensive land and  the receivers for their blocks.

"We preached leading up to the game, to come out and hit first. And our players did just that. We never wanted to give them a chance from the beginning."

The Thomson-McDuffie Middle School Bulldogs will play Washington-Wilkes away on Sept. 11 and will be back at home on Sept. 18 against Hancock County.

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