Sierra Williams takes over the Girls Varsity basketball team at Thomson after teaching P.E.

Thomson High School recently announced Coach Sierra Williams as their new head coach of the Girls Varsity basketball team.

Williams said she is from Brunswick, Ga. and played basketball for both high schools in the area, but she graduated from Glynn Academy High School. After high school, she went on to Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. and played basketball for them before she ended up at Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Fla.

“Playing college ball is like the most fun, yet hard working thing a person can do,” Williams said. “The one thing I miss is my teammates. But after it’s over, I miss them because that’s my family. I miss having that grind together. That preseason grind, getting through the season, and then after the season.”

According to Williams, she believes playing college basketball helped mold her into the coach she is today. Williams said she finished out her college career at Saint Leo, and after she was done playing, she stayed on as a graduate assistant.

“Never really thought I wanted to coach,” Williams said. “Loved basketball, I had played sports all my life, played basketball the majority of my life, that’s what paid for college. I didn’t know about coaching, I was more so into the physical therapy aspect, like athlete rehab.”

According to Williams, she found herself back in Brunswick working at a rehab clinic, and was asked to help out with the AAU team, and Williams is a big believer in giving back to the community.

“I believe a lot in service, giving back to the community,” Williams said. “But, as I started doing it, I’m like yeah, this is what I want to do.”

According to Williams, she coached at her alma mater, Glynn Academy for roughly a year and a half. Then, she coached at Coastal Georgia for a couple years. Williams said she heard about Thomson when she was recruiting a kid from the area, and a P.E. position became available and she made her way to Thomson.

“They had a P.E. position come open, I came, and now I’m the head coach,” Williams said.

Williams just finished her third year in Thomson. Even though she was the P.E. teacher, former athletic director Larry Dunn, asked her to help out with the girls basketball team, according to Williams.

Williams said she is looking forward to getting the kids excited about playing basketball.

“I think that’s probably my number one thing that I can’t wait to get the community behind it, excited about basketball and get the girls wanting to come play,” Williams said.

Williams said the ultimate goal is to win, but she wants to see the transition of culture.

“They’re learning to get use to my style of play and how I do things,” Williams said. “So, seeing that switch flip where they’re like I understand why coach is saying this.”

According to Williams, they have a solid senior group returning next year, but they’re still inexperienced. Williams said she expects senior Kenya Robinson to have a big impact next year. According to Williams, she gets asked if she feels pressure when it comes to basketball, and her response was simple, no she doesn’t.

“I always like to say there is no pressure when it comes to basketball for me,” Williams said. “It’s to fun for me.”