Chloe Poss is flanked by parents Guy and Kelly Poss after signing her commitment to play college softball at Samford University.

Briarwood Academy senior Chloe Poss last week, Nov. 10, signed her intent to play college softball at Samford University.

Coach Wayne Wilson, who is now the baseball coach at Briarwood but previously was head softball coach during Poss’ sophomore and junior season, pointed out she is the 12th Briarwood softball player to sign to play college ball over the past four years.

“Three years ago when she came to Briarwood I knew we were getting a good softball player because I knew her,” said Wilson, who has coached Poss in some capacity since she was 6 or 7 years old. “What I found out, was we got an even better young lady. We were blessed to have her out here.”

Wilson shared how years ago a coach gave him the advice to not worry about following the rules, focus on being the kind of person where character is so strong that rules aren’t important.

“That’s Chloe Poss,” Wilson added. “With her work ethic, her integrity, and her character; I didn’t have to worry about what she was going to do. She was going to do the right thing anyway. I’m proud of you girl.”

Coach D.J. Shelnutt, the current Briarwood coach, talked about what he saw in Poss during her senior year.

“She’s the definition of a leader,” said Shelnutt. “She was a great teammate and always brought 100 percent every practice, every game. You couldn’t ask for much more to coach.”

He pointed out Poss hit seven homeruns in her senior season, including two in the first game of the year against Evans. She also had a key homerun in game two against Robert Toombs Academy during state playoffs. Wilson said Poss is a two-way player with strengths as a pitcher and at the plate.

“You don’t see many pitchers in college hit, but if her coach in college doesn't let hit they probably need to be fired,” Wilson said with a laugh.

He said in her junior season, Poss had 55 RBIs and hit .560.

“That’s pretty much unheard of,” he added.

Wilson said the Samford program competes in the Sunbelt Conference.

“She’ll be the first to go to Samford. I think she’ll do well there,” Wilson added.