Courtesy of Warren County High School

(Top L-R): Coach Flournoy, Coach Blount, Coach Simpson, Coach Jennings, and Coach Green. (Bottom L-R): Rockcie Mahoney, grandmother, Jakeem Meadows, Tapeka Towns, mother, and Nayshaun Meadows, brother.

Warren County High School senior Jakeem Meadows signed to play football for Methodist University.

“It’s a great feeling,” Meadows said, when asked how he felt after signing to play for Methodist University.

Meadows played free safety and wide receiver for the Screaming Devils this past year.

“He did great on both sides of the ball, plus Special Teams,” Coach Steven Simpson said.

According to Coach Simpson, Meadows will play in the secondary once he gets to college.

Coach Simpson said Meadows always plays at full speed, and is a natural when it comes to being around the ball.

“Natural ability to be around the ball,” Simpson said.

Simpson is excited to see Meadows at the next level.

Meadows was the second leading tackler on the Screaming Devils, and even made some big plays in their first round playoff game as he had two interceptions, according to Simpson.

Meadows has battled a little bit of adversity throughout his high school career as he broke both of his collarbones. Once before high school and the other a few weeks before his junior year started.

“It made me question if I wanted to play,” Meadows said.

According to Meadows, once he gets to college he is looking forward to playing football. Meadows has worked hard to get where he is at.

According to Meadows, he is bringing his great work ethic and attitude with him to the next level. Meadows said he wants to make sure he puts out a good product for Warren County High School.

When he gets to college he hopes to study Engineering and eventually include some military work, according to Meadows.

Coach Simpson said Meadows is the kind of person you want in your program.

“Program guy, and he’s a leader on and off the field,” Simpson said.

Meadows had nothing but gratitude for everyone who has helped him along the way.