A Border Bash will occur at The Brickyard Friday night where there will be Sharks attempting to take chunks out of the Bulldogs.

The May River High School Sharks of Bluffton S.C. will come to Thomson after an agreement was reached Monday night that will see the game take the place of an open date for the Bulldogs. The Sharks are visiting after COVID concerns cancelled the game they were to play this Friday night. The Sharks are 2-1 in Class AAAA in S.C.

Thomson head coach Michael Youngblood said that class is equal to Georgia’s Class 5-A.

“I am ecstatic that we were able to come to terms for them to visit,” said Youngblood. “I am excited to be playing after nearly three weeks off due to pandemic concerns.”

The Sharks will run from the spread offense and employ the option.

“They have a good quarterback and they have a good running back,” said the coach. “They have a one of the most unique blocking schemes I have seen. We had good athletes as do they, so it will be good for both teams as far as matchups. On defense, May River will use the 3-4. “They will come right at us – from the middle, the edge and all over,” he said. “We will have to be dedicated to stopping their guys from storming us.”

In special teams, an area that might be susceptible is the Sharks’ kicking games. A missed extra point and later a missed field goal meant the difference in a 21-20 loss to Wade Hampton Friday night.

Youngblood said the Dogs will be at 85 percent strength. A starter and several backups will not see action Friday night.

“We will be in good shape,” said the coach. “This game will give us a chance to grind before the region schedule begins with Morgan County."

Thomson is 2-0 after victories against Jefferson County and Grovetown. The Bulldogs were slated to face Washington County and Ware County before a COVID situation shut the program down full stop as far as playing games. THS was fortunate that both cancelled games did not count as losses as the two schools did not enforce contracts.

“We were able to work in the weight room, and work on keeping our spirits up because we knew the situation would right itself,” said Youngblood. “As coaches, we views film and scouted teams and keep information moving because we, too, know the games would return.”

The coach went on to say that with the Bulldogs being talented at many positions this year, he was and is excited about the rest of the season. “I preach being thankful for the game of high school football,” said Youngblood.

“I stress to players and anyone that will listen the importance of appreciating the chance to play amid this pandemic. Last year, we were able to have a full season, but this year it got us. It came to us just as it has dozens of programs across the state the last two seasons.”

The coach said it is important for the Bulldogs to restart the vigor and tenacity that was stopped for a bit.

“We’ve got to pick back up and go after it,” he said. “We’ve got to commit to winning out and moving on into the region and state playoffs. That is the goal.”

Youngblood’s voice boomed with excitement as he said he was excited to return to the turf.

“We are so fortunate to be able to play this game in this community for these fans,” he said. “We will welcome them from across the border and we’ll just tangle. I invite all the community to come see the battle.”

Game time Friday night is 7:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased at the gate or by visiting https://gofan.co/app/school/GA6657.