Quarterback Noah Story turns to hand the ball off to running back Tre Tre Jeffries during Thomson’s spring game against Burke County.

The Thomson Bulldogs football team fell to Burke County, 20-7, during their spring game on Thursday, May 12.

Though weather conditions weren’t ideal, Head Coach Michael Youngblood still saw some things he liked.

“We have some really dynamic skill kids that I feel like can do some things when they got the ball in their hands,” Youngblood said. “We just got to do a good job of distributing it to them, and we can’t let pressure, or things that’s out of our control get us out of that.”

Youngblood said he liked the play calling as they mixed in some Wing T. He added that when they have guys running open, they need to complete those passes.

“Even if we don’t think they’re open, we got to get it up to them tall receivers that we have,” Youngblood said. “So, that’s something that you know, it’s going to take some time and we got this summer to work on that.”

On the defensive side of the ball, Youngblood said the starting secondary wasn’t there because they were competing for at states in track and field.

Missing some key players, Youngblood said they couldn’t do what they wanted.

“We didn’t play one drop of man, and it’s certain things that they do where they force you to play a little bit of man,” said the coach about Burke County. “So, we just got to do a better job of getting our young guys ready, so, I mean I like where we’re at right now. It’s just going to be a challenge for us as coaches to get our kids in certain spots over the hump.”

Youngblood wants to see some areas get cleaned up: maintaining their blocks up front and making sure the schemes are up to par, and improved quarterback decision-making.

As far as defense goes, he thinks they’ll be fine.

“It’s a couple formations they gave us, and a couple of things that they did and when I looked over there we couldn’t do certain things because we didn’t have our starting DBs,” Youngblood said.

The coach said special teams will come into play, as well.

“Once we get all of that together, and get us in here and get to work, I think we’ll be where we need to be at when we get ready to kick off the season,” Youngblood said.

During the spring game, the coach said the team came out a little lackadaisical.

“I think we got a little helium in us,” Youngblood said. “You know, I’ve been around a lot of good football, and a lot of good football teams, and when you got a lot of people returning, especially on defense, you got nine returning on defense and seven returning on offense, you got where it kind of you got a little helium in yourself, in your head and you’re feeling yourself a little bit. I’m glad that went ahead and got popped tonight instead of waiting until game one to get popped.”

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