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Although Veterans Day has passed, I want to recognize those who have served and are still serving in the U. S. Military.  The occasional ackno…

Hornsby Brown Jr.

Hattie Mae Hobbs

Gloria McNair

Margie Reeves

Amos Rivers

Amarione Thampson

Geraldine Evans-Young

Virginia Belton

Hazel Bedingfield

Linda Bleifuss

Orlando Carlo-Casellas

Edwin Gamble

Carolyn Martin

Harry Varn Jr.

Ida Walden

Americans will be spending another $6 billion buying candy for Halloween this year, making it the second largest commercial holiday after Chri…

Earnest J. Heath

Sandra Landers

Tommy Hobbs

Marquita D. West

Vickey L. McCorkle

Robert W. McGahee

Peggy Ann Peebles

Lois Upchurch

Sharon B. Wall

Joel Adkins

Rev. Tony E. Bowman

Loyd Brooks

Deron B. Drake

Mike Fowler

Marion (Gus) Hubert

Lissie M. Johnson

Eddie D. Jones

Robert C. Kirkland

Tina L. Newsome

Mae G. Norris

Betty D. Parker

Larry E. Peterson

Jammie W. Smith, Sr.

James E. Tanksley