Wednesday was Groundhog Day but I couldn’t decide if I should be looking back or forward. The old baseball player Satchell Paige once said, “don’t look back, somebody might be gainin’ on ya!” I’m a sentimental fool but I don’t look back as much as I used to and anybody gaining on me passed by years ago. I blame the fact that my memory ain’t what it used to be. I even write my haircuts down on a calendar now to remember when I last visited the barber. 

            As I do think back, I’m wondering what happened to all of the Alabama, Florida, and Clemson clothing that I’ve seen around here for years. Records were broken by several retailers selling Georgia Bulldog National Championship t-shirts, hats, and gear so red and black must be the new colors of choice. Apparently, there are many new fans now referring to the Bulldogs as “we” instead of “they” than ever before. You can’t drive a mile down Washington Road without seeing new Georgia flags flying on cars and trucks.