Cast and crew enjoyed food and drinks at the Java Jolt in Warrenton as they are filming at the Old Warrenton Studio.

The cast and crew of an old western being filmed in Warrenton stopped by the Java Jolt for food and drinks as they start filming.

According to Tammy Carden, location scout for Film Warren County, there was roughly 20 to 30 people and most of them came from S.C. and Fla.

“They are the first ones to actually shoot something out there,” Carden said.

They have two more days left of shooting, but the other days won’t be until Sept. Carden said there are numerous films coming up that will use the Old Warrenton studio as a location, and one will use downtown Warrenton as a location as well.

According to Carden, one of the films will shoot in Oct. for roughly three days. Another film will be shot in Nov. in downtown Warrenton. At the start of the new year, in Jan. or Feb., there will be another film that will shoot for roughly 14 days. Carden said the studio hasn’t opened but directors and producers want to get in and start filming before people start to use the location.

“The studio hasn’t officially opened yet,” Carden said.

According to Carden, there are a few independent film studios that are coming to Warrenton. These studios will tie in to what the Old Warrenton studios is doing. Those studios are based in places like Los Angeles, Ca. and New York. Carden said they will have a soft opening coming up in Oct.

“They’ll have a soft opening the last two weekend in October for all studios,” Carden said. Carden mentioned that one of her goals was to get one studio to get what they needed.

“I didn’t expect three studios to pop in,” Carden said.

Carden said she’s happy that everything is finally coming together.

“I’ve been working at it for six years,” Carden said. “I’m happy to see it come to fruition.”

According to Carden, these studios will have low impact on the community, and that’s something that directors and producers love about Warrenton and they don’t want to change it.

“Directors and producers love the town and don’t want to change it,” Carden said.

Carden wanted to give a special shout out to Chief Sellers and his employees for all the help they’ve provided.

“Everything has gone off without a hitch,” Carden said when talking about Chief Sellers and his officers. “They’ve gone beyond with helping me out.”