Mario Jackson

A Warrenton man has been arrested on a variety of drug possession charges after a Warrenton Police officer noticed that he could not keep his  pickup truck in the correct lane while driving.

Mario B. Jackson, 40, of the 70 block of Shoals St., was arrested Jan. 19, and the police department says marijuana, crack cocaine and cash were found inside the vehicle.

According to the Warrenton Police Department, a patrol officer pulled the Chevrolet Silverado over at the intersection of Main and Norwood streets at 11:57 p.m., Jan. 18. The officer reported that Jackson’s truck drifted into his lane and nearly hit the patrol car.

The officer reported that Jackson was unaware of crossing the lanes on the roadway and that he had slurred speech and red eyes. Jackson confirmed that he had been drinking, the officer incident report said.  A sobriety test and blowing into an alcohol sensor revealed that his alcohol level  was .130, which was over the legal limit of .08.

According to the police department’s incident report, Jackson was taken into custody and searched. The search revealed a bag containing $3,500 in cash in his pocket as well as loose cash in the same pocket.   The truck’s tailgate was used to hold the money for counting and officers noticed a small bag tied to the truck’s bed. The bag contained a white hard substance that was suspected to be cocaine, the incident report noted.

 Jackson did not object to a search of the interior of his truck and officers found a pill bottle on the floor on the driver’s side that contained multiple types of pills.  The search also uncovered a folder containing documents consistent with gambling  and more money on the back seat, as well as  five cell phones.

As the search continued, another bag of a hard rock-type substance that was suspected to be crack cocaine was found in the pocket on the back of the front passenger seat.  Law enforcement also found a gym bag under the back seat. The bag reportedly contained two large freezer bags with suspected marijuana inside.

According to Police Chief Ron Sellers, the marijuana was one-half pounds and the crack weighed 6.5 grams.

Jackson was arrested, transported to the McDuffie County Jail and he was charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana possession with the intent to sell, failure to maintain lane, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, two counts of possession of narcotic and possession of marijuana.

As of press time, bond had not been set.

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