The Warren County Board of Education approved their budget for the 2019-2020 school year on June 11, after public hearings on May 14  and June 11.  The system’s budget has a total expenditure of 9,402,289.35 with a deficit of 88,264 after factoring in revenue.

Some of the most significant numbers in the budget come from salary and maintenance costs.

The combined salaries for teachers, paraprofessionals, and substitutes in the system equals 2,825,189.43. Central administrator salaries, which includes positions such as a board member and superintendent, will equal a combined 209,343,70. The combined total for administrative personnel equals to 345,278,917. The system employs about 90 people according to Carey.

With maintenance, this year’s budget will cost $278,000 in operation fees.

And in regard to differences in last year’s budget, Carey noted an increase in supplements for administrators and coaches along with a raise for teachers.  To make pay fair, Carey said administrators and coaches would receive a supplement this year. For teachers of the system, a raise of $3,000 is also accounted for in the budget.

Warren County Schools superintendent Carol Jean Carey said the board found ways to make up the deficit.  When the county was building the school, Carey said they had a debit service fund to pay for it. Once construction finished, she said the fund still had an excess of $56,000. That money, she said, can move over to the general fund. In addition, she said that June is Employer Forgiveness Month and the school will be forgiven $65,000, Carey said. With these adjustments, the budget is back in the black.

“We have some padding this year,” she said.

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