Warren County will be selling bricks for their Walk of Fame, which will surround the Albert J. Massey monument by the football field.

Warren County Schools Walk of Fame is still in the early stages, but has promise. The Walk of Fame will be located out near the football field, and surround the Albert J. Massey monument, according to Scott Swann, teacher at Warren County. “We’re going to start off, you know, just kind of making a walk way towards it, and go around it,” Swann said. Steven Simpson, head football coach at Warren County, also discussed the Walk of Fame. “You got the bench the class of 2016 put back there to,” Simpson said. “So, you know just trying to make it all of a little plaza here.” The idea of the Walk of Fame came when they were trying to find ways to come up with fundraisers. “It was sort of me,” Simpson said when asked who had the idea for the Walk of Fame. Swann said he kind of came up with the idea to sell bricks, and help raise money for the school. This was also a way for people to be recognized or commemorated for what they did during their time at Warren County, and that goes for every student and not just student-athletes, according to Swann. “As far as academics, or cheerleaders, or band members, or former coaches, or principals, you know just anybody,” Swann said. “Everybody can’t have a football field named after them, or a gym named after them, or something like that.” According to Swann, people who purchase a brick may customize however they want to. “There’s over 100 different logos you can choose from,” Swann said. “Probably 200 different logos.” Simpson added that there are different sized bricks, as well. “Several of the classes have gone in and done a 12x12 brick to commemorate the class, or a classmate, or something like that,” Simpson said. Simpson said he did something a little similar to this at a previous school. “It’s a good idea and it’s something that’s going to be there forever,” Simpson added. Swann said there are roughly 30 bricks that were purchased from the first order. The area where the bricks will go in at can hold roughly 5,000 bricks, according to Swann and Simpson. “Once we get them installed, we’re hoping that people see them and it’ll really start taking off,” Swann said. According to Swann, the first order of bricks will arrive in about two weeks. Simpson said when they get the first order they will try to get them installed, especially by homecoming, which is Oct. 15. “We want that first order to be in place, people to be able to see it before homecoming,” Simpson said. “That’s a time when a lot of people come back that maybe don’t come very often, but they have a chance to see where they, or some of their classmates, or maybe them, or family members are being commemorated out here.” Simpson talked about how Warren County has had a lot people come through, and this is a good way to leave a lasting memory of everyone.