Thomson High School's graduation will take place Saturday, July 25, at 10 a.m. However, there are two plans. One is to graduate at The Brickyard and the other is to graduate via video conferencing.

According to the school’s announcement, because of COVID-19, two plans are in place:

Plan A — The Class of 2020 will graduate at the Brickyard. Each graduating senior will receive five tickets to disperse to family members. Upon entering the stadium, all spectators are expected to socially distance themselves. Additionally, the stage that is set up for graduation will be pushed back to the north end zone so that there is enough room to put six feet between each graduating senior’s chair.

Tickets for graduation will be available on the THS bus ramp between 4-6 p.m. Thursday, July 16. It is prefered that seniors pick up their tickets themselves. If they cannot, then the school will have to adhere the following procedure:

Adults picking up tickets who are not readily identifiable as the senior’s parent by a counselor or an administrator must submit to a photograph with the ticket envelope and either show the senior’s ID card or know the senior’s student ID number.

If the adult cannot or will not follow this procedure, he or she will not be allowed to pick up tickets. This to ensure that each senior gets the correct number of tickets.

Plan B- The school will choose to enact Plan B in the following situations: 1) inclement weather -or- 2) If community spread of COVID-19 increases preventing large group gatherings.

If Thomson High School has to move to Plan B, graduates and their parents will be alerted, and graduation will take place online via a video conferencing website like Zoom or WebEx.

Prom cancelled

The school also has announced the cancellation of the prom.

“Due to the governor of Georgia’s latest executive order, it has been decided that Thomson High School will cancel its 2020 prom and refund the students’ money. Thomson High School will write checks payable to the person who initially paid the money on behalf of the student. Thomson High School will directly contact persons who are due a refund, and set up a date and time for the reimbursement.”

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