Darayan “Big” Howard stands on the edge of Harrison Road watching for his next customer to slow down to buy drinks.

One Thomson teen found a way to make money this summer, and soon others followed.

Daryan “Big” Howard, 13, will be in the eighth grade at Thomson-McDuffie Middle School next year but spends his summer selling water and Powerade to motorists.

He, and now others, are a common sight out beside Farmers Furniture on Washington Road as people in cars stop and buy the drinks. He delivers drinks to customers on Harrison Road as they stop at the Washington Road traffic light.

“I did it last summer too,” Daryan said.

In similar fashion to the way youngsters have had lemonade stands, this TMMS student has picked the right spot — one of the busiest intersections in town.

He said he does it “just to make some money,” and that he plans to “save it up.” The young entrepreneur said he wants to have his own business.

He is humble when talking about it, but he used some of his money to buy a pair of New Balance shoes for a man who needed new shoes.

Others have also moved in on his busy corner, but passing motorists appear to be doing their part to purchase from the teens.

“We’re just trying to stay out of trouble and make money the right way,” said J.D, Greene, 17,  a Benjamin E. Mays High School student in Atlanta who is home visiting family in Thomson for the summer.

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