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Beaurine Wilkins is shown with Dr. Mac Bowman at the food giveaway.

Stamp Branch Baptist Church again fed the masses in Warrenton over the weekend, but this time they also provided toys for children.

Saturday morning, church members gathered at Cedar Park in Warrenton and cars lined up to receive food boxes.

“We fed 144 families and we gave away 75 toys to children. Each child got one toy,” said Beaurine Wilkins, who lead’s the food ministry for the church. “We had a wonderful turnout.”

She said they thought they had gathered enough food for 200 families, but food ran short this time. Stamp Branch Baptist Church holds food distributions on a regular basis throughout the year.

Dr. Mac Bowman showed up to volunteer. Wilkins said he had three procedures scheduled at the hospital but was able to slip away after the first one and come help in Warrenton and then return to the hospital.

“He 100 percent supports us,” Wilkins said.

Each food box also contained educational literature pertaining to staying safe during COVID-19 and also about voting. The distribution of toys was new for the group, and a toy was given only if a child was in the car.

“It was just a partnership with Toys for Tots. We’re grateful for them and their giving for what they gave toward our effort. And we’re also thankful for Golden Harvest. Even though we have to purchase, we purchase at a substantially lower cost,” said Juanterrence  Lowe. He said he is also thankful for the way the City of Warrenton and the recreation department allow the use of the park without charge for the distributions.

About 10 toys remained after the food distribution, so they were given to children attended a funeral at the church on Sunday.

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