Ronnie Brannen, pastor of Thomson First United Methodist Church, displays some of the cards his church members carry with them. They are to do something unselfish and kind to help someone else and then “tag” them by handing over one of these cards.

Pastor Ronnie Brannen is playing games with his congregation — literally.

“I’m doing a sermon series on games and the games we play. So, one of the games we played as children is tag,” said Brannen, pastor of Thomson First United Methodist Church.

“So now we are trying to play tag by doing something good for somebody, something completely unselfish,” he explained.

The church staff has printed several thousand small cards, business-sized cards, in various colors. One side contains just three letters, “TAG,” in large bold type.

The flip side of the card explains. “TAG - you’re it. Do something good for someone else and pass this card on...,” is printed on the back of each card along with the church’s name, address, and contact information.

“What builds a community is when we start serving one another,” Brannen said. “So if my church can go out and tag somebody, and if they’ll take a tag card and go and serve somebody, we want the ripple effect to go throughout this entire community.”

Brannen said he can’t wait to see where the cards end up and said they may spread to Augusta, Atlanta, or even other parts of the world. By the end of the first week, one had already surfaced in Grovetown.

“We want to share the love of God, the grace of God, serving one another and building them up,” he said.

The pastor explained that this is similar to when the church members provided gift wrapping services in front of Walmart prior to Christmas. Some shoppers wanted to pay for the wrapping but money was not accepted. Brannen said that was something his congregation was simply doing to serve the community and this game of tag is similar.

“Just do something nice for somebody and then tag them,” he emphasized.

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