The McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to residents to be on the lookout for two men posing as telephone line installers in an attempt to steal property.

The sheriff’s office responded to a call about the two suspicious white men in the Ellington Airline Road area of Dearing on Oct. 31.  The men were reportedly wearing yellow safety vests and driving a four-door white truck as they claimed to be telephone line installers.

 “Their intention is to distract/divert the homeowner’s attention, and to steal personal property,” stated the sheriff’s office alert.

One individual was described as being in his late 50’s to early 60’s, with a thin build. The other individual was described as being younger, with a heavier build.

“If any unsolicited construction or contract worker attempts to make contact with you, immediately call 911,” the sheriff’s office said.

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