Salvation Army held a ribbon cutting in their new Thomson location on Monday, June 7.

According to Major Douglas McClure, Augusta Area Commander, Thomson had a Salvation Army store for roughly 10 years, but then they left two years ago.

“We’re just glad to be back here in the Thomson area,” McClure said. “It took us two years to get everything back together, but we’re glad to be back here and it’s good to be back in McDuffie County.”

McClure said he is responsible for the Greater Augusta area when it comes to the Salvation Army stores. He is responsible for the stores in McDuffie County, Columbia County, Richmond County, Burke County, and North Augusta.

“I’m responsible for all of the Salvation Army operations across the Greater Augusta, Georgia area,” McClure said. “So, Thomson being one of those areas, we’re glad to get a store put back in here because we really miss being here in the area.”

According to McClure, he just started his 19th year with Salvation Army. McClure said the most important thing about Salvation Army is that it changes lives.

“The mission of the Salvation Army is to impact lives,” McClure said. “Our statement is doing the most good. Whether it’s the money you donate, the clothing you donate, whether you come in and volunteer.”

According to McClure all of the money from the family stores, whether it’s the North Augusta family store, the Thomson family store, or the Augusta family store, once it covers the location and expenses it goes towards the Social Services Program.

McClure said they make sure the stores are completely full of donations, and there is a distribution center to make sure the stores are full of donations. Leaving Thomson was something he didn’t want to do, according to McClure.

“Well, for me, I hated to leave,” McClure said. “It was one of the first things I did when I came into the office, was closing things down. It’s just great to have a chance to be back because Thomson is such a welcoming community in the McDuffie area, and we love being out here.”

According to McClure, this is the first new store opening they’ve done in roughly five to six years. McClure said he is currently living in Columbia County, and has been here for roughly two years.