Retired teacher Becky Dale is shown next to the mandalas she created during the COVID-19 pandemic. She stayed busy by creating these and now makes them available for purchase in a local store.

Retired teacher Becky Dale found herself looking for something to do when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Luckily, she found mandalas.

The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit is circle, according to Dale. Dale has always been the artsy type, and this was something to keep her busy.

“I’ve always done crafty stuff,” Dale said.

Dale started looking for stuff to do around March of last year, but did not start drawing mandalas until around October.

This is something she likes doing because she can continue drawing whenever she pleases.

“It’s something I can start and stop,” Dale said.

Some of her favorite color combinations are blue and brown, and purple and yellow.

“Purple and yellow is really neat,” Dale said.

According to Dale, she sends most of her artwork back up north. She has a section set up in Aunt Tique and Uncle Junk’s, and anyone that wants a mandala can buy one.

People have bought the mandalas as Christmas gifts, or as gifts for their loved ones, according to Dale.

Dale has been in Georgia since 2007, when she moved down here from Connecticut. She previously lived in Stockbridge and she retired from teaching in 2000. Dale will continue to draw mandalas, and doesn’t plan on stopping.

“I can't stop”, Dale said.