The McDuffie County Board of Commissioners approved acceptance of a  more than $1.2 million bid for resurfacing of roads.

County Manager David Crawley told the commissioners that four bids were received and the lowest bid,  $1,234,995.82, came from C&H Paving. The commission approved acceptance of the low bid.

“It is a little bit different from our previous projects because we’re doing a surface treatment resurfacing program which gets us a lot further, is a little cheaper,” said Crawley. “We’re only using it on roads that were constructed with surface treatment. We’re not using it on asphalt roads.”

“It should be a very good road when completed,” he said.

Commissioner Bill Joplin asked for details on the differences between this type of resurfacing and asphalt.

“With this method, we’re going to go down with a leveling sealing course, which is called OGI, and over the top of that it is a rock and tar mix. So the road has more of a granular look than asphalt,” Crawley explained.

He said it will not be as smooth as asphalt.

“The thing that is going to make this nicer than old time surface treatment is they are going to sand seal it once they’re done and that void between rocks will be mostly filled,” said Commission Chairman Charlie Newton. “This will be a step up from tar and gravel but not as quite as good as but it is a heck of a lot cheaper.”

Newton said the good thing is the surface treatment will flex and not crack, so the road will last longer.

Crawley added that it doesn’t hold up to heavy truck traffic so this type of resurfacing is not used often on major corridors. “But, everything we are doing are more residential type streets that were already surface treated roads but they will last significantly longer,” said Crawley.

Roads that will be resurfaced include Meadowood Drive, Timberwood Drive, Brentwood Drive, Candlewood Drive, Crestwood Lane Wildwood Lane, Lakewood Drive, Thornwood Lane, Brookwood Lane, Tanglewood Lane, Honeysuckle Lane, Randall Road from Larkin Road to the dead end, Stagecoach Extension from Stagecoach Road to White Oak Road, South Courtland Drive from Scuffle Road to the dead end, Huff’s Bridge Road from Fort Creek Road to the county line, and Bowdens Pond Road from Fort Creek Road to Luckeys Bridge Road.

Funding for the resurfacing comes from Transportation Investment Act and LMIG funds. In total, 10.31 miles of roads will be resurfaced.

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