Shown at the prom are (from left) Marcus Cade escorting Mya Hester,  Tariah Roberts, Skyler Youngblood, Rodney Lazenby, Kenyah Germany and Auzjah Hart.

For a small group of Thomson High Seniors, COVID-19 may have disrupted their senior year — until Saturday night. One of their mom’s decided to hold a special prom.

Keshia Reynolds said she could tell her daughter Skyler Youngblood, 17, was disappointed in the way her senior year at Thomson High School was going several weeks ago.

“She was walking around the house talking about ‘well this year’s messed up, no graduation, no prom,” said Reynolds. “And I said to myself then, maybe I could do something for her and her friends to lighten up this year for them.”

So, Reynolds planned a prom for her daughter and five close friends. At first, the prom was going to be held in the front yard but because of weather concerns Reynolds booked the old gym in Dearing.

“We were going to do the front yard but we thought that it was going to rain. But, then it turned out to be a sunny day,” she said.

Even the event had a unique name.

“It’s called the Quarantine Royalty Prom,” Reynolds said. “This is her senior prom.”

Reynolds drew from the talents of Kawanda Grier Hill, who served as the emcee and decorated, and a few others to make the prom a reality.

Just like the regular prom, each student participated in a grand march when they entered. Well-spaced decorated chairs outlined the path as the THS seniors showcased their style down the middle of the floor as they entered.

After kicking off, soon the prom king and queen were crowned. Youngblood was crowned queen by her father,  Gary Reynolds. Chakeita Lazenby crowned Rodney Lazenby, her son, as king.

After being seated, the THS seniors dined on their choice of chicken or steak and lobster.

Even that was somewhat a family affair. Skyler’s siblings Ariel Youngblood, Billy Youngblood III and Shereece Holmes were the servers.

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