Jonathan Watts, of Bad Boy Mowers, presents the National Rookie Dealer of the Year Award to Premier Outdoor Products owners Kevin Burnley and Dewayne Rabun.

Premier Outdoor Products opened less than a year ago in Thomson and recently was recognized as the National Rookie Dealer of the Year by Bad Boy Mowers.

Jonathan Watts, regional manager for Georgia, came to town last week to present the award to Premier Outdoor Products co-owners Kevin Burnley and Dewayne Rabun.

“That award is given to a dealer that basically encompasses everything that needs to be done to be successful at a dealership,” Watts said. “It’s easy to put a lawnmower on the front yard and try to sell it. We can sell lawnmowers just about anywhere.”

“But whenever you look at what these guys have invested in infrastructure, the product mixes they have, their inventories, their shop, their people, and in their road frontage, these guys have  risen to the top in the entire nation,” Watts added.

He said the dealer in Thomson clearly  rose far above all other new dealers.

“There hasn’t been another dealer that puts the full picture together,” Watts said. “If I had to look at this dealership down the road, they’re going to be here 20 years down the road. There’s no doubt about it.”

Premier Outdoor Products only sells Bad Boy Mowers but has supported that with other strong outdoor brands for the customers.

‘If you sit back and look at the product mixes they have, the Bad Boy products and the Stihl products, both of them are super high-end products and they both market really well,” Watts said.

The framed award Watts presented included an American flag that was flown over the White House. The company, during the economic struggles of the pandemic, launched a program called the Great American Comeback. Watts is proud to say the Bad Boy Mowers was able to retain 100 percent of its workforce and helped support the economy.

“We’re definitely a very patriotic company and we belive we contributed to that great American comeback,” Watts said.

Watts said there are about 1,100 to 1,200 dealers nationwide, included nearly 150 added in the past year.

“We’re on a pretty steep growth curve,” Watts said.

Premier Outdoor Products opened at 707 Augusta Road on Dec. 16 of last year. In March of this year, the owners held a celebratory grand opening and even gave away a  $3,000 mower.

Burnley and Rabun began pursuing a relationship with Bad Boy Mowers in May of 2019.

Rabun said there is one main reason he wanted to look at Bad Boy Mowers.

“The decks are the thickest on the market. The residential mower, the deck is  as thick as everybody else’s commercial mower. When you get in our commercial mower, they’re twice as thick as anybody else’s,” he said.

Rabun said the sand in this area will wear down other  decks and the thicker decks hold up better.

Watts said the decks are made from 100 percent American steel and Bad Boy deals with two steel mills in Arkansas.

“Our motto is ‘Building a better mower at a lower price’,” Watts said.

He said Bad Boy controls the entire process from the initial 40,000 -pound rolls of steel to the finished product arriving in Thomson. He points out that other mower manufacturers subcontract various components out, but Bad Boy does not.

Watts said he has worked closely with the research and development team and said “hands down, we have the nicest cut at the highest ground speed, period.”

Plus, he said Bad Boy Mowers are designed for the customer to easily handle oil changes and regular maintenance.

“We see the benefit of keeping it simple,” Watts said.

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