Don Powers

Don Powers, the outgoing administrator for the City of Thomson, has been tapped to be the interim director of Forward McDuffie.

The Forward McDuffie Board approved his selection June 26 and Powers will begin Oct. 7.

Powers recently announced his retirement from the City of Thomson after 12 years of supervising a 100-member workforce. The City of Thomson hopes to have a successor by Sept. 1.

During the June 26 meeting, the board approved Powers’ selection as the president of Forward McDuffie and the executive director of the Development Authority. He was selected with the understanding from the Development Authority chairman that the position was created for an economic developer and applications continue to be accepted for the position.

Forward McDuffie is the umbrella organization under which the Industrial Development Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau operate. The recently restructured Forward McDuffie Board of Governors includes several members representing county, city, chamber and CVB.

“We will continue to look for an economic developer type person,” Forward McDuffie Chairman Charlie Newton said. But, in the mean time there are numerous items and projects that need attention, he said.    

Newton, also chairman of the McDuffie County Commission, said Powers was tapped because of his experience. Before Powers joined the City of Thomson in 2007, he served as the executive director of Forward McDuffie.  “He did a good job here before he became the city administrator,” Newton said. “He has the experience and knowledge of the community. We expect him to do an excellent job while there.”

The group has been without an executive leader since the February resignation of Jade Morey, who held the position for a year.

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