Photo courtesy of TPD

The Thomson Police Department is seeking the pictured man who loaded a shopping cart with $1600 worth of computers and other electronics from Walmart and pushed the cart out the door to another African-American man and African-American female on Nov. 21.

The Thomson Police Department is on the hunt for three people who stole more than $1600 worth of computers and electronics from the Thomson Walmart.

According to Police Investigator Sgt. Robert Brown, between 11 p.m. and midnight on Nov. 21, two African-American men and an African-American woman put the items inside a van and left the parking lot.

Brown said an African-American man, who was captured on video surveillance, entered Walmart on Harrison Road, loaded a shopping cart with computers and miscellaneous electronic items, and pushed the cart out of the emergency exit door at the garden center.

He said a second person waiting outside placed the stolen merchandise into a van or SUV and the vehicle departed. “The individual shown in the video walked around the store as if nothing happened,” Brown said.

According to Brown, a similar incident occurred in September 2018. “We were blessed that the individuals were caught by a South Carolina trooper,” he said. The trooper found computers in the vehicle and learned that they were stolen from Walmart and we and Walmart were contacted,” he said,

Brown said it is not known if the individuals are part of the same crew from last year. “But this was done in the same way,” he said.

The investigator said anyone knowing the location or identity of the man pictured is encouraged to call the Thomson Police Department at 706-595-2166 or email

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