Thomson Police Officer Angie Lefebvre watches a GBI agent document the shooting scene on A Street in Thomson.

A teenage girl was wounded by what police think was shrapnel when at least two gunmen opened fire on a car Saturday morning on A Street in Thomson. It all happened mid-morning, with children playing nearby.

Police think the young woman was not actually hit by a bullet. She was wounded in the ear and chest. An investigator deemed the injuries as non-life threatening.

“We’ve got to get the medical reports, but we are believing shrapnel - debris from the shooting,” said Sgt. Robert Brown, an investigator with the Thomson Police Department.

The wounded 18-year-old was first taken by car to University McDuffie Hospital and then by ambulance to Augusta University Medical Center. The shooting happened before 11 a.m. and Brown said he was contacted at 10:55 a.m.

The woman was a passenger in a car which was being driven by a man in his 20s and the car shot multiple times.

“The guy that was driving said he was driving on Clemmons Street. As he was driving by he saw some guys in the roadway (on A Street) and they had a conversation. He took off speeding and they shot at him,” said Brown.

According to the investigator, the wounded girl was asleep in the car.

“When we talked to her she said she was asleep. She woke up feeling pain,” Brown said.

After the white Toyota passenger car was struck by multiple rounds, the driver called 911 and drove the injured girl to University McDuffie Hospital.

From Clemmons Street, the man had been driving on A Street heading toward Harrison Road. Brown clarified that shots were fired down A Street in the direction of Harrison Road. The car was hit six times, with rounds striking the rear and also the driver and passenger side. An additional car down the street was hit by one round.

Brown said at least two of the men fired at the car and more than 15 shots were discharged.

“Kids were outside,” Brown said. “They have no concern for individuals. That is why it is important that we put our hands on our suspects. They had no regard for life wheresoever to put that many rounds out with kids around and in the middle of the day. The weather was pretty nice that day so kids were outside.”

“Endangering the community in that way, these boys are brazen - don’t care,” Brown said.

The driver of the car indicated there were three young men. The investigation determined there were actually four. All are in their early 20s, according to the investigator.

How many of them fired shots?

“We know for sure two did. We can’t guarantee the other two,” Brown said. “During the investigation we were able to develop some suspects,” Brown said.