At press time Tuesday, the latest report from the Georgia Department of Public Health said there are 443 confirmed cases of COVID-19 from McDuffie County,  11 associated deaths, and 56 hospitalizations.

Warren County, as reported on Tuesday, has 97 confirmed cases, two deaths, and 21 hospitalizations.

When measured as a per-hundred thousand case count, Warren is at 1,862 per thousand while McDuffie is at 20,51 per thousand.

Statewide, on Tuesday, there were 241,667 confirmed cases, 4,794 deaths, 22,429 hospitalizations, and 4,117 ICU admissions.

The number of confirmed cases in other nearby counties are:

•Richmond  County —  5,268 confirmed cases and 102 deaths

•Columbia County — 2,761 confirmed cases and 35 deaths

•Jefferson County — 589  confirmed cases and 12 deaths

•Wilkes County — 202 confirmed cases and 3 deaths

•Lincoln County — 173 confirmed cases and 5 deaths

•Glascock County — 28 confirmed cases and 1 death.

According to the department of public health, those statistics on confirmed cases are based on “patient county of residence when known.”

The DPH status report from Tuesday afternoon reports 2,060,319 individuals have been tested for COVID-19. Of those tested, 10.7 percent have tested positive.

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