Rachel Chance, pharmacy technician, Kyle Pulliam, owner and pharmacist, and Debbie Pulliam, office manager, stand inside the medicine and gift shop section of Harlem Pharmacy, which opened on June 24.

Harlem Pharmacy, located at 170 W. Milledgeville Road and Harlem’s only local pharmacy in several years, opened its doors to the public on June 24. The pharmacy is owned by Kyle Pulliam, managed by his wife, Debbie Pulliam, and will have two to three staff members in the shop. Kyle Pulliam has worked as a pharmacist for 32 years and has another pharmacy in Evans, named the Medical Center West Pharmacy in Evans. He said the Harlem pharmacy will operate similar to the Evans location.

At the Harlem Pharmacy, customers will have access to  different services. Besides getting medicine, customers can get immunizations and vaccinations at the store. The pharmacy also offers compounding, where the pharmacy takes raw ingredients and make medicine. For example, if your child can’t take a pill, they can get the medicine in liquid form. Or,  if a product is no longer available commercially, the pharmacy can take the raw ingredients and make it from scratch.

“We do a variety of stuff,” Kyle Pulliam. “We’ve kind of been the go to for special orders.”

In addition to the services, the pharmacy will also have a gift shop. Debbie Pulliam said she’s tried to include items not found in other places locally and tries to include local sellers in the selection. The gift shop has things like candles, baby items, cards, and Scout Bags.

As far as community involvement goes, Kyle Pulliam said he and his wife have already joined Harlem’s Merchants Association. He also said they plan to join Columbia County’s Chamber of Commerce.  At the end of July, Debbie Pulliam said they plan to have a grand opening of the store.

 Kyle Pulliam said they plan to be about customer service in their Harlem store. At the Evans store, he said that he knows a lot of customers on a first name basis.

“We’re Christian believers and we try to incorporate that in our philosophy,” Kyle Pulliam said.

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