United Medical Enterprises bought the old Hollander Sleep Products plant in Thomson to expand their medical mask production.

United Medical is an Augusta based company that  was incorporated in 1995 and started out in Grovetown before they moved to Augusta, and now to Thomson.

They have been helping fight the Coronavirus. They have been making medical face masks, and they also make disposable and medical products.

Once the pandemic hit a lot of contracts started to roll in for the company. United Medical has a lot of businesses that they supply these products to.

This building is much bigger than their previous one. Their location in Augusta is only 75,000 sq. ft. compared to the 208,000 sq. ft. they have at their new location here in Thomson.

United Medical CEO Herschel Pitts knows they needed the room to continue making their products.

“We just needed more room,” Pitts said.

United Medical also purchased new machines to help with the production of their products, but those will not arrive until late December due to the pandemic.

Right now, Pitts is focusing on moving everything over to the new facility. They may even have to do some remodeling.

“We have to redo the inside of the building,” Pitts said.

Pitts hopes to have everything moved to the new facility in Thomson by March.

By moving to a bigger facility, United Medical is going to have to hire roughly 20 more employees. United Medical currently employs about 95-100 people, so the planned relocation effectively creates more job opportunities for the Thomson-McDuffie County area.

“It sounds great for Thomson-McDuffie County because it provides new jobs for people,” Don Powers, President and CEO of Forward McDuffie, an organization for Economic Development, said.

Powers believes this is a win-win opportunity for Thomson-McDuffie.

“I think it is great for the area,” Powers said.

Powers knew about the purchase of this facility but since it was a private transaction there was not much the local authorities had to do.

United Medical is taking over the old Hollander Sleep Products plant.

The facility in Thomson produced mattresses and pillows. Hollander was regarded as one of the biggest bedding manufacturers in North America. Hollander had a  Thomson location from 2014-2018, after relocating from Tignall. The facility sits on roughly 60 acres of land. They employed over 200 workers. In 2018, they made a decision to keep the Thomson operation open, but had to close it down shortly thereafter.

With United Medical moving their production to Thomson, this could give displaced workers a chance to become employed if they have been struggling to find a job due to the pandemic.

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