A new development in Warrenton will be starting construction soon.

This development is on the corner of Thomson Hwy. and Legion Dr.

Robert Wilson, who also developed the Molly’s Food and Fuel across the street, is also developing this property. Wilson has owned this property and decided it was time to start adding.

“I’ve owned that property for two to three years,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, the property is roughly 30,000 sq. ft. and will include retail shopping center units.

The plan is to start construction within the next three to four months. There are out parcels for sale too, according to Wilson.

Wilson couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to develop this property into a retail shopping center.

“Understanding the potential there and moving on it,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, there is plenty of interest from businesses, and there are spots available for a lease. This development has the opportunity to help the area of Warrenton.

“I think it’ll support the businesses in the area,” Wilson said.