The Glascock County Sheriff’s Office captured a  a registered sex offender who left the county without permission..

Glascock County Sheriff Jeremy Kelley located  Christopher McKenzie, 47, who was convicted of cruelty to children in the first degree, on  July 15.

The sheriff said McKenzie was captured at a residence on Gekeler Lane in LaGrande, Oregon by the Union County Sheriff's Office. The search for McKenzie was a joint effort by Glascock County Sheriff’s Office and Eric Burgamy, investigator in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

McKenzie had registered as a sex offender when he moved to Glascock County in March 2018.   

According to Kelley, who asked for the public’s assistance in locating McKenzie on July 12, McKenzie’s last known address was 484 South Usry Street in Gibson.

“I was notified July 5 that he had moved out of the house,” Kelley said.  “He had not filed any where else.”

McKenzie, a six-feet tall, 190-pound, white male, also had an outstanding arrest warrant for  Felony Count of Violation of the Georgia Sex Offender registry from Glascock County and for felony count terroristic threats and acts from Washington county and probation violation warrants.

Kelley placed an alert about the missing offender on the department’s facebook page July 12 and asked the public to call law enforcement if he had been seen. He placed a notice of capture on July 15.  

Kelly said that in addition to McKenzie, Aquila McKenzie, was also arrested for warrants that arose during the investigation.

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