The McDuffie County Board of Commissioners held a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7 to discuss the millage rate.

According to David Crawley, county, manager, the millage rate will be set at the rollback, which is 7.809 mills from the previous millage rate of 8.5 mills.

“Due to growth in the digest about $50,000 more dollars, I think if I remember correctly,” Crawley said.

The county value for the fiscal year 2021 will tentaively be at $650,478,829. The board voted to approve the millage rate. The county provides a five year history of the tax digest and levy. The Net M and O Millage for unincorporated in 2016 and 2017 was 7.800 mills, whereas from 2018-2020 it was at 8.800 mills. For incorporated the Net M and O Millage was 8.500 mills for 2016, Sept. 7.

“We are pleased with the investment we are able to make in our school system and community, while reducing our millage rate and continuing to maintain our general fund reserve at reasonable levels,” Rhodes said.

The tax digests from the past five years have been: 2016: $565,541,464 2017: $534,660,864 2018: $540.380,494 2019: $543,511,001 2020: $565,855,546 The proposed tax digest will tentatively come out to $624,925,306 for the 2021 fiscal year.