Special photo

Jamie Bridges, Chief of the Police Department for the school system, pictured with the new K9, Kylo. Kylo was donated to the school system from Quality K9 Concepts.

McDuffie County received a new K9 recently from Quality K9 Concepts.

According to Jamie Bridges, Chief of the Police Department for the school system, the dog he received is Kylo, a black lab that is roughly 17 months old.

“Very young dog, very energized dog, very pretty dog,” Bridges said.

Bridges added that Kylo has been training for months at Quality K9 Concepts for Narcotics. Bridges said the handlers go through a course when they get a dog.

“You learn the functions of a K9 dog and then you get that K9 and you bond with them,” Bridges said. “Basically what that does, it lets you learn the dog, and the dog learns you, and you train with that dog. You learn their search patterns, their techniques, their body changes, and their behavior changes when they find some type of odor.”

According to Bridges, they got Kylo as a donation from the company as a way to help out around the community.

“To help us with the school system and the city and county to deter any type drug activity that may be going on,” Bridges said. “To be able to locate narcotics of any type in the school system or wherever we may be needed.”

Bridges said Kylo won’t be with him everyday at the schools because they won’t conduct searches everyday. Bridges added that he’ll take Kylo to the elementary schools and do a show and tell with the younger kids.

“We kind of teach them about the dog, teach them what the dog does with us,” Bridges said. Kylo is brought in whenever something is found or if someone sends a tip about marijuana, or some type of narcotic, according to Bridges.

Bridges talked about Moxie, the dog previously with the McDuffie County School System. Moxie was a German Shepard, and with the school system for a long time, according to Bridges. Bridges added that Moxie was 15 years old, and they realized a few years back that she was having problems with her hips. Kylo does stay with Bridges at his home, and is with him 24/7, Bridges said.

“Everywhere I go pretty much at the house, he goes at the house,” Bridges said.

He added that he has one other dog, a Yorkshire Terrier.

“It’s interesting to see how they get along,” Bridges said. “They do very well.”

Bridges was with the city from 2010 to 2016, and starting in 2016 he started working with the school system.