Judy Reeves, Dearing town clerk for 29 years, is shown following Monday night’s own council meeting.

For the past three decades, Judy Reeves has been serving the community of Dearing as the Town clerk.

Reeves is originally from Savannah, and graduated from Savannah High School. She also took classes at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Her husband, Charles Curtis Reeves, is from Dearing. Reeves said she’s been in Dearing for roughly 30 years.

According to Reeves, she has been the town clerk for the last 29 years, and next year will make it 30 years. Reeves said she used to live across the street from the former mayor of Dearing, Bill Eubank, and that’s how she was offered the job. Reeves added that living across the street from the mayor had it’s perks, as she was offered the job, but not by Eubank, but by his wife, Anne Culpepper.

“I felt I was business oriented, and I was familiar with finances,” Reeves said about when she accepted the job offer.

According to Reeves, she collected water bills when she first started the job. Reeves added that outside of collecting water bills there wasn’t much for her to do, so she would read a book. As the years went by, Reeves said it went from collecting water bills to sitting in on different meeting and taking notes.

“I didn’t get to read much after that,” Reeves said with a laugh.

Reeves said she worked for three different mayors. She also worked for Ralph Menesse, who was mayor for eight years, and Mayor Sean Kelley, who is currently the Mayor of Dearing. Nowadays, Reeves pays bills and also sells business licenses among other things as the town clerk.

“I’m very busy now,” Reeves said. “I don’t get to read a book.”

According to Reeves, becoming the town clerk all those years ago wasn’t in the plans for her, as she and her husband had bought a house around the time she accepted the job.

“I didn’t have any idea to be a clerk,” Reeves said. “I hadn’t done anything with the town. I wasn’t looking for a job, and I was involved in renovating my own house.”

Reeves said she was happy that Culpepper thought of her when it came to being the town clerk.

“The mayor’s wife was smart enough to think of me,” Reeves added.

Reeves enjoys helping out around the community.

“I love to walk around here and be out and about in the community,” Reeves added.

According to Reeves, some of her hobbies include going to the track to walk, yoga, reading, she is an avid christian, and enjoys music.

“I love the track,” Reeves said. “I love yoga, it’s really beneficial.”

Reeves said she also use to be the part-owner of a book store, but due to personal reasons she had to sell her part of the store. As far as if she plans on retiring anytime soon, Reeves said she has no intention to.

“I’m healthy, and what would I do,” Reeves said with a laugh.

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