Courtesy of Briarwood Academy

Ella Johnson (right) was awarded the STAR student for Warren County, and she chose her mother, Stephanie Johnson (left) as the STAR teacher.

Briarwood Academy is home to this year’s STAR Student for Warren County.

Ella Johnson, senior, was awarded STAR Student after testing well on the SAT.

The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program is something that has honored roughly 28,000 students and the teachers they have chosen who have made the most impact, or had the most influence on them and their academic achievements. It is promoted by The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE).

The STAR program is in its 63rd year. The program awards the student with the best SAT score, and that student must be in the top 10 percent, or top 10 in grade point average (GPA) in their class.

According to Johnson, this was an unexpected but happy surprise.

“Definitely exciting,” Johnson said. “I worked hard on my standardized test scores.”

Johnson said she also spent a lot of time preparing for the ACT, even though STAR Student award focuses on the SAT scores.

“A lot of work on the ACT,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, winning the STAR student award was something that she didn’t expect, but was proud. Her parents are Scott and Stephanie Johnson, and her mother, Stephanie, was her math teacher for her eighth and ninth grade years.

Johnson chose her mother as her STAR Teacher.

“She was hard on me, but she helped me a lot,” Johnson said when asked how it was having her mother as a teacher.

Another teacher Ella Johnson wanted to give thanks to is Hannah DeMore, who is her math teacher.

According to the STAR Student, once she graduates from Briarwood Academy she plans to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech.

“Tech has always been the dream,” Johnson said. “My parents met there.”

Johnson said the plan is to major in international affairs, then eventually get into law school. According to Johnson, she plans on becoming a defense attorney or a prosecutor.