The Thomson man who fatally wounded his wife Aug. 18 has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

John Alan Ansley, 41, was charged earlier this week with involuntary manslaughter - felony and reckless conduct. According to police, he turned himself in Monday. He has been released on a $8,550 bond.

Sgt. Robert Brown, an investigator with the Thomson Police Department, said the involuntary manslaughter charge rises to felony level because the death happened during the commission of an unlawful act, reckless conduct. He explained the reckless conduct charge comes from Ansley’s pointing a loaded weapon at someone.

John Alan Ansley fatally wounded wife Michelle Ansley, 40, in an accidental discharge of a rifle at their home on Thomas Avenue. McDuffie County EMS transported the wounded woman to Doctors Hospital, in Augusta, where she later died.

“In the investigation we determined the weapon that was used was a 30-30,” said Brown. “And in the process of handling that weapon, the weapon was discharged, and when it discharged, it hit her in the back of her leg and she succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.”

The investigator said Mrs. Ansley was talking while on the way to the hospital and also while at the hospital. Police, however, never got the chance to talk to her but were told she said he was cleaning the gun.

Augusta media originally reported Mr. Ansley said the discharge happened while he was cleaning the firearm. Brown said Mr. Ansley never said he was cleaning the weapon.

Brown explained that multiple loaded weapons were kept in the home and Mr. Ansley said they were unloading the firearms.

“He said that she cleared it, he checked it and thought it was cleared and from that clearing he pointed the weapon at her and it discharged,” Brown explained.

Brown said the investigation shows that, saying that Ansley had several loaded weapons for protection during recent trends of social unrest and at the time of the shooting felt it was safer and they could be unloaded.

“They took them all in the bedroom,” Brown said, as he explained they were trying to unload them all.

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