Manna, Inc. will host a free food distribution this Friday from 10 a.m. to noon in conjuction with Golden Harvest. The Georgia National Guard will also be assisting with the distribution.

“It’s a team effort,” said Keryl Corley, director of Manna.

Each family will receive one box of food and some additional produce.

“We’re shooting at doing 400 boxes, plus produce,” said Bill Havens, Manna assistant director.

Corley urges people to go ahead and make sure there will be room for the food in the appropriate part of their vehicle when they arrive.

“Nothing will be put inside of a vehicle. It has to be either inside a trunk or the bed of a truck,” said Corley.

She also said those picking up food must bring identification.

The Thomson Police Department will assist with directing traffic and Havens said those arriving to pick up food should do so from the direction of Kent’s, traveling towards Manna. That way everyone will make a right turn into Manna and not have to cross traffic.

No left turns into Manna will be allowed.

Who can attend?

Anyone who is a Georgia resident.

What to expect

•For your safety, you will remain in your car throughout the distribution.

•You will be directed to form a line in your vehicles as you arrive.

•The distribution team will ask you to roll down your window to answer a few questions from a safe distance (the government requires that certain information about those served be collected).

Manna is located at 421 E. Hill St.

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