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Thomson native and UGA graduate, Jordan Davis, has his Commercial Pilot License and is working on becoming a Certified Flight Instructor.

Jordan Davis, Thomson native and University of Georgia graduate, is currently working on becoming a flight instructor.

Jordan Davis graduated from Thomson High School in 2013. After graduating he went on to play football at UGA.

Davis was looking for a way to keep himself busy while he trained for a shot at the National Football League (NFL).

“After I graduated from UGA, I was training for my Pro Day and wanted to stay busy,” Davis said.

Davis said he worked at the Augusta Regional Airport as a lineman, which is also known as a fueler. Davis worked at the Augusta Regional Airport for roughly a year and a half.

According to Davis, he already has his Commercial Pilot License, and he’s still in training to become a flight instructor. He is currently building up enough flight hours. Davis has roughly 250 hours and needs 1,500 to become a Certified Flight Instructor.

Davis didn’t foresee this coming.

“I’ve always liked planes but I never thought I would become a pilot,” Davis said.

According to Davis, he got to see firsthand what it was like in the cockpit of an airplane when he flew out to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl in 2018 during his senior season at UGA.

“Sat in first class,” Davis said.

According to Davis, he didn’t think this would happen, and that this is where he would be.

“Early on, I wouldn’t think I would ever be a pilot,” Davis said. “Getting a job and talking to other pilots helped me realize that.”

Davis had his first solo flight and was a natural.

“Felt great, but I was kind of nervous,” Davis said. “But once I got in the air, it was like second nature.”

Davis is currently living in San Marco, Texas, while he attends Coast Flight Training school, which is also located in San Marco, Texas.