A crew begins taking down parts of the fish house during its removal last week at Raysville Marina.

Last Wednesday morning, a work crew from Industry Specialists Inc. began dismantling the fish house at Raysville Marina.

Gloria Thompson, who owns Raysville Marina with husband Bruce, said they closed the fish house two or three years ago.

“There were several reasons. Number one was liability issues. It was the last one left on the lake and I am sure that the other ones before were probably taken out for liability reasons,” she said. “Really, that was the ultimate reason for this, for us closing it down.”

Thompson also said people didn’t respect and take care of the fish house at times when it was open.

She and Bruce have tried to seek out the date the fish house first opened and said the most consistant year they have heard was  1965. She said they have also been told it opened in the 1970s.

The Thompsons have plans for what they want to do with the stretch of shoreline previously occupied by the fish house.

“Our goal for that area is to put in docks for houseboats,” she said.

Thompson said there are some local people who have docked their houseboats elsewhere on the lake and would like to locate closer to this area. For years, the clearance under the bridge between Columbia County and Lincolnton would not allow taller boats to pass beneath. However, the new bridge has more clearance.

“We’ve got a grant request out there from the federal government to try to help us with that. So, it really depends on our grant approval as to when it will happen,” she said.

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