More than 300 youngsters celebrated Easter with an egg hunt on Easter Sunday!

Coolie Myrick and Shamica Kendrick and volunteers held the first edition of the event at Pitt Street Park.

Because of passion for young people, Kendrick came up with the idea and contacted Myrick.

“She and I have a passion for the community,” said Myrick, who was born on Pitt Street and who is dedicating himself to improving after a criminal past. “I wanted to be a part of this and a part of helping.”

Kendrick, now a nurse who grew up in Thomson, said the event was needed for various reasons.

“With the pandemic this past year, and with kids not being able to get out much,” she said, adding that “we don’t forget about the real reason for Easter, but we wanted to give back to the community and see the smile on children’s faces.”

Close to 4,000 eggs were spread around the park by volunteers during the 3-hour event. There was also music, a photo booth, free food, and fun playing on playground equipment.

Berta McNair said she and children she brought to the event had a great time.

“It was great to see the kids have fun,” she said. “With the tough times with the pandemic and so forth, this is a great thing for them.”

The two said their goal is to make the hunt an annual event.

“It’s about helping and improving and this is one way of doing it,” said Myrick.

As children ran and played in the background, Kendrick said she was glad to see them having a good time.

“Kids don’t understand about all the things in a pandemic,” she said. “The kids suffer, too, and this is a help for things being more normal.”