Chief Anson Evans is shown with some of the bears and stuffed animals that have been donated to the Thomson Police Department. The department will continue the collection efforts through Oct. 3.

The Thomson Police Department is asking community members to join in their fight against domestic violence. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the police department is asking for donations of small, new stuffed animals which can be given to children impacted by domestic violence.

Bears, or other small stuffed animals, can be dropped off at the Thomson Police Department, on Main Street, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. now through Oct. 3. Or, bears and stuffed animals can be donated by giving one to an officer while they are out in the community.

“The bear project is all about domestic violence. A lot of the times we just don’t think about the child that has to had to endure the vision of seeing their mother abused, or their father abused, or even a grandfather or grandmother that was elderly that was abused. Kids carry that for years,” said Thomson Police Chief Anson Evans. “This is a way for us, when we come in, to really break the ice with them. The whole house is in chaos. With a bear or something we can show them a little kindness. Give that back to them and show them that it’s okay and ‘We’re here for you.”

The chief said they are accepting any stuffed bear or stuffed animal, something that a child would really like.

“We would definitely like to have new bears, possibly boxed up or enclosed in packaging. We take them just like they are as long as they are new,” he said.

The chief estimated that 60 to 80 bears have been donated so far. Several organizations, including DFACS, have been assisted in collecting the stuffed animals.

“We’re trying to do a big, big Domestic Violence month and make sure people are aware. You will see the officers wearing the purple ribbons and we are going to give out purple ribbons along the way just to remind people it is Domestic Violence month,” Evans said.

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