JaQueria Rogers is shown with her two collages for Black History Month.

JaQueria Rogers is the Dearing Elementary School art teacher, and she found a way to celebrate Black History Month in a unique fashion.

Rogers is from Augusta and attended college in Savannah. Rogers graduated from Armstrong State University in 2016 and is in her second year of teaching art at DES.

She graduated with a degree in psychology, but said she knew she always wanted to work with children. She is currently working on her certification.

“Art has always come easy to me,” Rogers said.

According to Rogers, during college she interned with Children with Autism, and was in charge of arts and crafts for the children.

“It kind of went from there and other schools I worked at in Richmond County, and then here I am now,” Rogers said.

Rogers did her research and got inspiration from numerous places when it came to creating her collage and silhouette for Black History Month.

Once she posted it online it was an instant hit, according to Rogers.

“I put that on social media and that went viral, and I saw that many people loved it, so I definitely want to do a sequel but this year I wanted to bridge literacy with art and do book covers,” Rogers said.

According to Rogers, she started out by drawing the silhouette, then she cut it out. After that she added all of the pieces to the collage, then she added the facial features.

Next, she added the kente cloth.

“The kente cloth was something, the pattern I could tie in as a lesson,” Rogers said. “As well as the collage and silhouette.”

According to Rogers, due to COVID-19 restrictions students could not help out with the silhouettes this year, but some fourth and fifth graders helped out with the project last year. Rogers plans to continue creating the artwork.

“Yes, I do plan to do other black history displays in the future, but I don’t know exactly what angle,” Rogers said.