Brown arrested for COVID claim

Beatrice Brown, 59, of Thomson, is placed into a police car after she is arrested Friday afternoon on charges of giving a false report to police and reckless conduct. Police say she lied and claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19 to avoid going to jail after a traffic stop about four weeks ago.

A 59-year-old Thomson woman who falsely told police she was COVID-19 positive to keep from going to jail about four weeks ago was arrested Friday afternoon.

About 1:30 p.m., Beatrice Brown was arrested at her home in the 700 block of Pine View Drive. She has been charged with giving a false report to police and reckless conduct. Brown was booked into the McDuffie County Jail and bond was set at $2,050.

“It’s been about a month now since she was pulled over and lied about having the virus,” said Sgt. J.D. Plair, an investigator with the Thomson Police Department.

“After the investigation, we found out that she didn’t and she lied about being in quarantine. She wasn’t in quarantine, she was at work everyday,” he said.

Plair said one of the Thomson sergeants stopped Brown about four weeks ago for speeding and found out she was driving on a suspended license. He said driving on a suspended license is an automatic fingerprintable offense and the individual typically gets booked into the jail.

Plair said people lying to police about having COVID-19 in an attempt to keep from going to jail is not just happening in Thomson, but everywhere.

“We’re just not going to tolerate it,” Plair said.

He said when individuals test positive they are entered into a public health department database. So, police checked the database and Brown was not recorded as having tested positive.

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