As our community and local businesses face difficult times and a challenging situation, the McDuffie Progress has created an Advertising Matching Partnership that will offer $50,000 worth of matching marketing dollars to local businesses in our surrounding area.

As local businesses ourselves, we understand what businesses are going through, and we are dedicated to serving our community and our customers.  Small businesses are the heart and soul of McDuffie County, Warren County, and the surrounging CSRA. We have been dedicated to helping small businesses since 1898  

The recent disruptions to our well-being and economy are known all too well by everyone in our community.   Today, we are faced with unprecedented challenges and supporting local businesses has never been more important.

Matching funds are open to any local business in need of advertising support due to the COVID-19.   We are not giving away cash, but will be awarding matching advertising funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis to qualified advertisers seeking to rebound and restore their business as we recover from the coronavirus impacts.

Awards for matching advertising funds will range from $200 per month to $5,000  per month and will not apply to existing invoices or previously scheduled ads.  To apply for consideration and to see other details of the program, visit our website at or email me at with questions.

As has been said by others, we are all in this together.  As we continue to help our readers, our businesses and our community, we look forward to the day when we can put this behind us.     

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