Thursday evening the Thomson City Council will be talking Halloween and recommendations concerning COVID-19.

In the Monday night council work session, the board was briefed.

“What the CDC is saying is that the highest thing you can do as far as exposure is do the door-to-door trick or treating. I’m not here to say don’t do door-to-door trick or treating,” said Thomson Mayor Kenneth Usry.

He said the CDC also has recommended groups not hold trunk or treat gatherings unless there is one way in, one way out, and nobody stops and stands in place.

“We can pass it that there’s no trick or treating if that’s what you decide to do. I don’t know that that’s the right direction to go,” added Usry as he spoke to the council.

The mayor turned the discussion over to Donald Toms, city administrator, who had prepared some information for the board’s review. “In my opinion you just want to get the word out to your community to those that don’t want to participate. Tell them to shut their lights off, post something, and to advise the community that maybe this year you should go to houses that you are familiar with and not strangers’,” Toms said.

He also suggested that trick or treaters use social distancing guidelines. Toms said some of the tips he is provided to the board include things like people should use hand sanitizer between trick or treaters if they are handing out candy.

“It’s not really intended for the council to, quote unquote, take a strong stand in cancelling or putting any type of referendum out there,” Toms explained.

He suggested the city just provide guidelines for the community.

“As he eluded to earlier, if you don’t want to participate turn your porch light off,” Usry said.

Multiple council members voiced comments that they do not want to officially cancel any Halloween activities.

“Everyone does it at their own risk. You can put the CDC guidelines, I think that is good,” said Council member Keryl Corley.

In dealing with a separate holiday concern, Usry said the Christmas Parade will be cancelled this year. The official tree lighting will, however, still take place but on a smaller scale. He said he anticipates the large groups of school children will not be avaliable to participate during current social distancing situations.

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