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Workers shred tree limbs during work in recent weeks to clear the front yard of the Usry House after it was purchased by new owners.

Last week, in a Thursday regular meeting, the Thomson City Council voted to follow the recommendations for the planning and zoning board on two requests and went a different direction on a third request.

Prior to the regular council meeting, a public hearing was held on those three requests.

One was a request for conditional use for a wedding and event venue by the owners of the Usry House, located at 211 Milledge Street.

“The planning board recommended to the city council that the conditional use be denied,” said Chase Beggs, planning and zoning director.

Councilman Scott Whittle mentioned parking problems in the Milledge Street area recently during an estate sale, which was unrelated to the Usry House.

“It was creating a traffic issue as it was and it was just that small estate sale and there wasn’t a big event going on,” Whittle said.

Mayor Kenneth Usry also noticed the parking issues during the estate sale.

“I had to come home a couple of times and had a problem getting down the street to get to my house because it was lined up from Church Street all the way to Lee Street on the lefthand side,” Usry said.

Councilman John Smalley asked what it was zoned previously. Beggs told him it was zoned business. That earlier this month was changed back to residential as part of a large group of parcels being returned to residential zoning.

Beggs told him noise was also a concern.

“One of my problems is we are not consistant in the city with what we do,” said Smalley as he talked about a business across from a restaurant on Gordon Street. He said some people who frequent the restaurant park across the street.

Beggs said it was the duty of the police to monitor any illegal parking.

“I want us to be consistent with what we are doing. That’s why people don’t trust politicians,” Smalley said.

On the second request, Thomson Funeral Systems asked to be allowed a  sewer easement and a driveway through a property on Hinton Drive from the back of the funeral home. Four members of the planning and zoning board voted against the request and two abstained.

However, the city council voted to approve the requests from Thomson Funeral Systems. Smalley abstained from the vote because he is related to parties involved.

The third zoning request was for a parcel on 166 Leslie Street from business to special to allow an assisted living center be built there. That request was approved by the council.

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