Amy Kiel, owner of Hogie Joe’s, tries to feed a kitten adopted by Courtney Stewart, right, after a customer picking up carry out at the restaurant noticed a cat trapped in the front of her car.

When Stevye Jordan, of Thomson, went to pick up carry out at Hogie Joe’s last week her day took a twist. Last Wednesday she picked up her food, walked back to her car, and found a kitten trapped inside the grill of her Honda.

The cat possibly hitched a ride from Grier Circle and was rescued in the back parking lot of Hogie Joe’s.

“When I was coming out from getting food I heard scratching around in there and saw that he was whining,” Jordan said.

Thomson-McDuffie firefighters arrived and were able to remove a plastic piece on the top of the engine and reach down behind the grill and rescue the kitten.

Although an adventure, by way of getting stuck in the car the cat found a new home.

Courtney Stewart, a Hogie Joe’s employee, was on hand when the firefighters rescued the cat from Jordan’s car.

“I asked her if she wanted it and she said no,” said Stewart, who said her 6-year-old daughter has been wanting another cat.

Stewart said the family had two cats, but one died about a year ago and her daughter has been asking for another one.

“She was on the phone with me last night and asked for a cat for Christmas, and here we are,” she said.

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