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A recent ribbon-cutting celebrated the opening of a new location offering more products while maintaining personalized customer service, according to Bird and Branch owner JoAnna Bohler.

The Bird and Branch furniture and decor shop has moved to a larger location, and held a ribbon cutting for the new spot Wednesday, May 25.

Formerly located on Augusta Highway, Bird and Branch is now located at 1494 Washington Road.

JoAnna and Duane Bohler remain the owners of the store.

“I think just knowing that we needed more space,” Bohler said about the move to a new location. “The fact that we wanted it to be ours, you know, to be able to put our stamp on it and do what we wanted to do. We needed something a little more custom, and this was the right size.”

The new building was just an empty warehouse barn that didn’t have any windows when they purchased it in August of last year.

“It literally was, you know, there was nothing here but concrete floor and brick walls,” Bohler said.

Bohler said once she saw the sign go up for this location, they took the next steps to purchase this building.

“I mean everybody drives down this road,” Bohler said. “If you live in Thomson you drive down this road every day.”

Bird and Branch remains a boutique furniture and home decor store, but the new location offers new opportunities to expand.

“The thing that’s different now from before is that we’re carrying upholstery, and we have more options for furniture,” Bohler said. “We have more space, so we were able to carry that, and we’ll have lamps, and it’ll be a place where you can come and you can get everything for your home in one spot.”

Bohler said she doesn’t expect further expansion because she likes being in one location, especially because she wants to keep it personal for her customers.

“The bigger you are, the less chance you have to make it personal,” Bohler said. “We want to keep it much like a boutique.”

Chuck Wise, her father, and Gary Bohler, her father-in-law, both helped build out the new Bird and Branch.

“They’re just extremely like capable of anything to do with building and carpentry,” Bohler said. “So, they really took my ideas and were able to make it into something.”

Bohler said she’s excited to continue serving the Thomson-McDuffie County area.

“We can’t wait to see what happens in the future,” Bohler said. “We can’t wait to help everybody make their houses pretty.”