Courtesy of Jennifer Newton

Rachel Newton and Jennifer Newton welcomed actor Dennis Quaid in their home during the movie production.

A film crew was in McDuffie County to shoot scenes for an upcoming baseball movie titled “The Hill”.

The movie is about Rickey Hill, and every obstacle he has to overcome, whether it’s his physical disability or his complex relationship with his father, in order to live out his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player. Some of the scenes were filmed at The Newtons home in McDuffie County.

Rachel Newton and Jennifer Newton got to be extras in the scenes, and detailed their experience of being on a movie set. Jennifer Newton can also be seen teaching classes at the Family Y in Thomson, and Rachel Newton works at the Feed and Seed in McDuffie County.

“I do a little bit of everything here at the feed store,” Rachel Newton said.

Rachel Newton said she has been in McDuffie County for roughly 56 year, whereas Jennifer Newton has been in McDuffie County for 26 years. According to Rachel Newton, Mark Crump was the one responsible for finding the locations for this movie and one just so happened to be their home.

“He saw the house and called the chamber to ask them who lived there,” rachel Newton said. “The chamber told him and he called us.”

Rachel Newton added that the house was built in the 1850’s and the front part of the house has been renovated a few times since. Jennifer Newton said Hill, who the movie is based on, said the house looked eerily similar to the one he drove up to as a kid.

“Oh my gosh, this looks just like the house that I pulled up to as a kid,” Jennifer Newton said Hill told her when they were talking.

Rachel Newton added that Hill grew up in Texas, but this house reminded him so much of the house in Texas. Jennifer Newton said she enjoyed watching the filming more than being an extra in the film.

“You got to see what all was going on in the background,” Jennifer Newton said. “ The crew was just awesome, they were very nice and you just sat in the corner and watched them. “

Rachel Newton said getting to see what goes in to making a small portion of a movie was interesting.

“It was real interesting,” Rachel Newton said. “To see the difference of what it looks like through the camera lense, versus what it looks like when you’re looking at it.”

According to Rachel Newton, when the film crew arrived it was like the Army came in.

“There were so many trucks and they had wardrobe trucks,” Rachel Newton said. Jennifer Newton added that they also brought in food trucks that included all kinds of food.

“They had ribs, grilled salmon, and grilled chicken,” Jennifer Newton said. “You ate on glass plates and it was just an impressive ordeal to see the whole back story. Rachel Newton said they shot some scenes outside, in the den and the sun room. The film crew also moved furniture in and out of the house so that it could fit the time period they were filming, according to Rachel Newton.

“We had to redo my den, but not as extensively as the sun room,” Rachel Newton said. “I mean they put in rugs, sofas, everything they took everything out and redid it.”

Rachel Newton said it took them two days to dress the house, filmed for one day, and then it took one day to undress the house. Jennifer Newton told the story of how Rachel Newton told Dennis Quaid how much she loved him as Jerry Lee Lewis in “Great Balls of Fire”, and that he had to play the song on her piano.

“I had gone home,” Jennifer Newton said. “Anyway, everybody was packing up and Rachel is in the kitchen and she said all of a sudden she heard somebody’s finger go down the keys of the piano, and next thing you know he’s playing Great Balls of Fire and she runs out of the kitchen and he’s standing there playing it.”

The movie includes Dennis Quaid, Bonnie Bedelia, Scott Glenn, Colin Ford, and Joelle Carter.