(L-R): Board of Assessors, Butch Stadler, chairman, David Holt, commissioner, and Butch Whiddon, commissioner, listen on as they discuss the recent tax appeals in McDuffie County.

The McDuffie County Board of Assessors met Friday, August 6 in the Government Services Center to discuss the tax appeals.

The Board of Assessor’s consists of Butch Stadler, chairman; David Holt, commissioner; and Butch Whiddon, commissioner. According to Jasmine Green, Tax Appraiser three, there are 702 total appeals.

“We are about at a little bit under five percent, and you get eight percent in a county-wide reval year,” Green said. “So we’re under the eight percent, which is good. But, right now that’s where we stand.”

Now that the board knows how many appeals there are they will go through the appeals, work through them and determine if they have to reassess any of the properties. According to Green, the rent restricted apartment properties are still being assessed because certain income information is still needed to evaluate them correctly. 

According to David Holt, Commissioner on the Board of Assessor’s, the job of the board is to establish a fair market value on properties. Holt said the board doesn’t have any input on what an owner’s tax bill is. Butch Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Assessor’s, said they just put a value on the property.

According to Holt, the state requires the reevaluation and for it to be accurate.

“If the actual sales aren’t reflective of what we showed value for, we’re out of compliance and the state comes in and takes over, and then they’re in charge of the county assessment,” Holt said. Holt added that the big takeaway is the assessor’s have nothing to do with taxes, just the value.