Rezoning signs were placed in more than 25 locations in downtown Thomson this week and most simply signify a zoning change to residential for properties that are already used as residences.

The McDuffie County Planning Commission has placed about 25 rezoning signs around downtown Thomson and most simply indicate a residential area that is now zoned for business and will be rezoned for residential. A total of 28 parcels will be rezoned.

Another area proposed for rezoning is the McDuffie Achievement Center and all the surrounding school board property. That, however, will be changing from R-1, light density single family residential, to S, special.

The parcels being rezoned to R-1 are located on Church Street, Milledge Street, Grady Street, First Avenue, Whiteoak Street, Cobb Street, Greenway Street and Gordon Street.

“We noticed on our zoning map that a few of the parcels on both sides of Main Street have been incorrectly zoned in the past for business,” said Chase Beggs, planning and zoning director.

Beggs said with the parcels currently being recorded as business, someone could try to bring a business into those residential areas. He said it is likely that the current zoning ordinance would probably prohibit businesses from coming into these residential areas because of the lack of parking plus the homes are in a historic district.

“But, to protect the residents in the area we’re just going to go ahead and clean that zoning map up and change a few of those parcels that are incorrectly zoned B-2 to R-1A, which is residential,” Beggs explained.

He said the public notice ad is running in the newspaper and there will be two public hearings. The Thomson-McDuffie County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Oct. 6, 6:30 p.m., at the Government Services Center. The rezoning requests will then go before the Thomson City Council on Oct. 8 at 6:30 p.m.

Beggs said he has been talking to most residents when he places the signs. However, if anyone has questions they can call him at 706-597-7288.

The other rezoning request is for the school board property located at and around the old high school on Main Street. Currently the school-owned parcels are zoned residential and they will be rezoned to S, for special zoning use.

“Nothing will change. It is just pretty much a clerical error on our map that we are fixing. We are going to try to get it all done at one time,” Beggs said.

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